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The Wiremate pull cord installer or conduit fishing system


Winner of an SABS design excellence award, the patented Wiremate Conduit Fishing System can save several times its own cost in labour during its effective lifespan.

It is used by installation electricians, as well as tv, alarm, and tele-comms technicians to install pull cord in both rigid and flexible pvc conduit

The unit is fitted with a grit filter for pump protection, as well as a separations chamber to collect foreign matter, such as grit or water, that may inadvertantly have found its way into the conduit. It is light weight, user friendly and compact and is a must-have for anyone installing wiring in pvc conduits either rigid or flexible. Conduit sizes 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm.

The Wiremate system has been proved to be the most  cost effective tool for installing pull cord in pvc conduit, ever designed. The 35kg breaking strain pull cord has been treated with (safe for human contact) lubricant to prevent friction damage to pvc conduit

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